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6 cans magic clay(18g*6)+2 pcs plywood for assembling skeleton+2 dinosaur eyes+1 picture card. Simple 3d dinosaur puzzle,even without clay, also a wonderful artwork.

Realistic clay colors make dinosaurs lifelike,appeals to both boys and girls of 3 years old and up. Colors will immerse the child up in the world of creation and fun!

Step 1:Assemble skeleton- Flat wooden sheets that are about 1/4 inch thick. Serial number will guide you step by step,simple to get one perfect skeleton.

Step 2:Mold and covering skeleton with clay,bring dinosaur to life. There is a QR code on the package, you can scan it to get the tutorial video. You’ll be amazed by your kid’s creations! Amazing Detail, simple and wonderful DIY experience.

Dinosaur skeleton is made of natural wood with no deformation. Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly soft polymer molding magic clay, easy to bend and stretch. Soft, smooth, does not stick to hands or stain other objects.

Easy-to-sculpt clay gives a unique feeling,enjoyable on touch and smell. The clay air-dries in 24 hours. Each piece comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpting multiple times.

Combine the fun of arts and crafts with science and learning! Fun dinosaur facts are included to learn while creating. Use as a small group activity and create with your kid’s friends. Robud Clay is designed to inspire curiosity to discover imagination to create own unique dinosaurs craft designs.

For creativity for kids, Clay dinosaurs is best toys for children. This open craft allows kids to create a dinosaur toy that’s completely unique to them! After finishing,the realistic and colorful dinosaur can be put it in every corner in kid’s room for decoration.

Trust me,your kids will have soooo much fun and will be proud. Perfect as Christmas Gifts, Thanksgiving Day Gifts, Gifts for family members.

WEIGHT: 0.5 kg
KIT: Clay, Plywood
ASSEMBLED SIZE: 220*60*150mm
PACKAGE SIZE: 235*170*60mm

  • For ages 3 and above
  • Culture inclined drawings
  • Fun and safe design
  • Suitable for ages 5 & above
  • Cut & glue paper crafts
  • Enhances motor & creativity development
  • For boys
Suitable for ages 3 & above
Cut & glue paper crafts
Enhances motor & creativity development

Suitable for ages 3 & above
Folding & cut paper crafts
Enhances motor & creativity development


Latest design superior quality cute cartoon jewelry hand coloring.
Multi-Purpose (E.g. Promotional Gifts, Decorative Purpose etc.).
Contains 10 Crystal Gemstone, 6 Paint, 5 Metal Ring and more.

  • For ages 3 and above
  • Spaceship serigraphy set
  • Fun and safe design

For ages 3 and above
Tree & owl serigraphy set
Fun and safe design


* Carefully stick your EVA foam from bottom to top layer by layer. The complete craft presents a 3D Dinosaur.
* No glue is needed for the whole process, just peel and stick pieces together.
* Kids love crafts involving hand and eye coordination. Have great fun piecing together the craft whilst inspiring their brain developments! It is great for school holiday activities.
* The set includes 1 frame, 1 decorative sticker and 5 EVA stickers.

CH13059D - edited.jpg



• Wear it: cute little book necklace you can wear, write and doodle in.
• Write or draw: it'll hold your special secrets, fun Doodles, and thoughts.
• Create: so easy to make, get one for your BFF and trade back and forth.
• Treasure it: keep your special thoughts and secrets in this little easy to make book necklace.
• Contains: 30" of suede cord, 20" of cotton thread, metal ring, plastic needle, paper cover, 25 paper pages.


• Love it: never leave home without it (your pet bunny, that is).
• Keep it close: our cute necklace lets you take your furry friend wherever you go.
• Create it: the bunny is pre-made, and it takes just minutes to assemble the pouch with our adhesive strips.
• Wear it: put it on the cord and you're are good to go - talk about the warm fuzzies.
• Contains: 1 felt bunny and pouch, 30" of suede cord and 2 adhesive strips


• Kids will love making these two different-sized hanging sculptures that they can hang in a corner of their room, from a curtain rod, or from a mirror.
• Getting the hang of Himmeli is fun-tactically easy and fantastically cool.
• Makes two different sizes for twice the awesomeness, and twice the compliments too.
• Kids will enjoy watching their Himmeli sculptures take shape.
• Contains: 27 paper straws, 11 acrylic pom poms, 42 yards cotton thread, threading wire and full color detailed instructions


• Perfect Gift for ages 6 and above: kids will love This pet project!
• Craft 8 playful projects: kid will love making paper animal Garland, a felt animal Wallet, a felt bunny necklace, an animal poster, a yarn wrapped Lion, animal ear headbands, a cute pom pom Paw print charm, and a fun mask.
• Easy to follow instructions: we provide step-by-step instructions for each of the 8 crafts.
• Learn new crafting skills: let imaginations run wild while learning new crafting techniques.
• Contains: 30 yds of yarn, 6 yds of thread, 2 metal brads, 7 pieces of cardboard, 60 pieces of adhesive, 1.4 yds of elastic, 10 pieces of felt, 7 pieces of paper, and 127 pom Poms


• 8 cute projects are a fun way for kids to explore the magical and enchanting fairy world.
• Kids will love making: 3 tiny fairy doors, a fairy house, 2 fairy beds, a fairy crown, a wand, a fairy dust necklace, a welcoming garland, and even the pretty fairies themselves.
• Kids will have so much fun, they'll even make up some new fairy tales of their own.
• Bring the magical world of fairies inside with these 8 cute crafts
• Contains: 3.5 yds. Yarn, 32 yds. Thread, 93 pieces adhesive, 4 fabric flowers, glitter, 26 pcs paper, 1 paper straw, 2 chenille stems, 1 plastic vial, 1 pom pom and 2 wood beads


• Our simple-to-make paper tree has cute birds and colorful leaves—and it'll easily perch on any desk or dresser.
• The fun keeps growing as you add more and more birds and leaves to your paper tree.
• No scissors, no glue, no leaves to rake.
• Contains: 1 paper tree, and 50 cute paper birds and leaves